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This is where we love to share our most recent work. Our blog gives us another chance to showcase our lovely work as well as giving you a greater sense of who we are. You will also find more about the beautiful island that we are so blessed to call our home. Thank you for stopping by and please check back to see what we’ve been up to.

Mahalo, Fawne + Sebastian

March 10, 2015
About Us

 "And the adventure begins..."

We have been making it a point to take one day or night a week for a 'date' for ourselves. This has been so wonderful for us both and we just love all of the adventures, sweet moments of connection and romance we have created from this commitment to each other. It is so important, especially for couples that work together, to set the creative business aside and to nurture the personal relationship. Recently, for one of these date nights, we spontaneously decided we wanted hike down the Na Pali Coast and watch the sunset from a specific spot on the trail (and of course take a few personal photos, how could we leave our cameras at home!?!) The weather was off and on that day and we decide to go anyway, as we knew the clouds could potentially light up the sky and create a beautiful dance of color and light. And it did just that for us. As we said goodbye to the day watching the sun dip into the sea, cuddled on the hillside, we had the feeling of deep appreciation for this beautiful place we get to call home. No words can describe the love we have for our island, but this photos comes close to capturing the magnificent sunset we witnessed almost two miles down the coast. Cheers to love and date nights! Na-Pali-Coast-Kauai
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