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April 08, 2015
We always want the best for our couples and we often get asked for recommendations of our favorite hair and makeup artist on island. Mia is at the top of our list for many reasons but a few are: she is professional, super talented, sweet, timely, will travel to you, and will always make you look naturally gorgeous! We thought it would be fun and helpful to all our lovely brides to give you all some insight and tips from one of our favorite professional hair and makeup artist on Kauai and share her information so you can book her on your wedding day. Enjoy getting to know Mia and hearing her tips for naturally stunning hair and makeup on your wedding day.
kauai stylish bride hair and makeup idea in fine art photos kauai
Q: Tell us a little about yourself and your business. 
A: My name is Mia Moriguchi and I started my business in 2009.  I got into weddings while going to college on Oahu.  I worked as an assistant to someone who did hair and makeup for weddings and she encouraged me to consider it as a full time career.  I've been doing weddings ever since :).
Q: What inspires you? 
A: Happy bubbly brides inspire me!  It's such a breath of fresh air to get a bride that is so ecstatic about getting married that nothing could ruin her day, whether it be a rainstorm or a failed bouquet.  It really sets a good and comfortable environment for me to work in and create my magic!!!
Q: What is your first memory of being passionate about becoming a talented hair and makeup artist? 
A: Probably when I was in high school.  My mom had suggested I take a makeup course since I loved art and painting.  I was by no means good at it when I started but it started the passion. ;) 
kauai makeup and hair artist in hawaii for my wedding day
Q: When and where did your career start?
A: I'd say my career started in college when I was working for my former boss assisting her in hair and makeup artistry for weddings.  My interview for the job was actually working at a wedding at Halekulani.  It caught me off guard a little but I worked with her from that day in 2007 till I started doing weddings on my own in 2009. 
Q: What is your goal with your business? 
A: To make my bride's feel happy and beautiful!!!!
Q: How would you describe your bridal hair and makeup style?
A: My makeup style is not heavy, I like the skin to shine through and have a healthy glow, not a fan of cakey makeup.  A bride should feel like herself on her wedding day and I feel my brides come out still feeling like themselves, just a movie star version of themselves. ;) 
kauai wedding photos of bohemian brides
Q: What was something you learned about having your hair and makeup done and being a bride yourself? Any insights to share?
A: Have an idea of what you want on your wedding day!  It's not a good idea to wait till the wedding day to decide what you want for hair and makeup.  Get a trial done so you can see what you are envisioning would look like on yourself.  It will make your wedding day a lot less stressful.   Also DON'T get ready at the last minute, allow yourself an ample amount of time to get ready so that you are not stressing out and rushing around, it will be less stressful for both you and your stylist.
Q: Do you have any tips for keeping a beautiful complexion leading up to your wedding day?
A: Exfoliation will give you that smooth texture and glowing skin you want for your wedding day.  I prefer both chemical (AHA) and enzymatic exfoliants to manual (scrubs), as I feel manual exfoliation can sometimes cause microscopic abrasions or can be too rough on sensitive skin.  Also, don't decide to drastically change your skin care routine as this can cause your skin to breakout.  If you want to add something different to your regimen just add/change one or two things at the most.   
kauai hawaii wedding fine art photos of beautiful elegant bride
Q: What is trending right now for bridal makeup? And for bridal hair?
A: The majority of my brides say "I want my makeup to look natural, but my eyes to stand out," or "I want to look like myself, but I want my makeup to be noticeable."  They will often bring in pictures of their favorite celebrities from the red carpet.  Most of these looks are not heavy makeup looks, they look fresh and their skin looks like it can breath and is not covered by layers of makeup.  I find this type of makeup to be more modern than the heavy handed method of the past, though I do like those types of looks for studio or photo shoots, bridal makeup is meant to be fresh and youthful. For hair most brides want something that is not too structured or neat.  They're going for more loose and effortless vs. tight and structured.  They want a looser wave vs. a tight perfect curl.  
the best kauai hair and makeup artist with natural style
Q: What is your favorite look that you have done on a bride recently? 
A: I'm in love with head wreaths at the moment!!!  I recently had a bride that wanted a nice natural clean makeup with a retro liner.  We then did her hair in a vintage inspired fingerwave, but I put my twist on it to make it a little more modern.  Topped that with the head wreath and it was divine!!!  You guys know, you shot her wedding! :)
kauai wedding photos with bride in flower crown
Q: Describe 3 tips to help brides get the look they are wanting on their wedding day? 
A:  1. Communication is key.  The best way to communicate what you are wanting is pictures!!!!  I always ask for pictures prior to our session together so that I have a good idea of what you would like.  Pictures are best because sometimes words can't always describe what you are wanting.  For example, you might want a "natural" eye, but your idea of a "natural" eye is much different from mine.  Being specific in your requests help a lot to get your message across and prevents confusion.
2. Do your research beforehand.  For instance if you want an updo with some tendrils hanging down make sure you have the layers to do that.  Bringing in a picture of what you are envisioning to your hairstylist can help them to decide how to prepare your hair for your upcoming wedding.  If you want an nice full updo but only have shoulder length hair, you might have to grow it out depending on how much time you have till your wedding day, or buy extensions.  It will be too late if you figure these things out the day of your wedding.
3. Get a trial session done. This will help to put your mind at ease as you'll get to see what your hair and makeup will look like beforehand.  This will also give your stylist a chance to get familiar with your hair and beautiful face.  A lot of times a trial is not possible, especially for the destination bride, which is why sending pictures instead is so important. 
Natural kauai bride hair and makeup ideas.
Q: How much time should a bride generally set aside for her hair & makeup perpetrations on her wedding day? 
A: I will usually suggest a prep time of 2 hours for the bride on her wedding day. This gives enough time to where she is not rushing around in the event something happens.   
Q: How far in advanced do you recommend a bride to book you?
A: I recommend booking a year in advance to ensure I will be available for your special day. :) 
Q: Any other tips or anything else you would like to share?
A: Through this whole process remember the whole reason of your wedding. Enjoy your wedding day no matter what happens knowing that you are about to marry the man or woman of your dreams, nothing else should matter!!!
Business Name: Mia Moriguchi LLC
Phone: 808-635-3170
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