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Mahalo, Fawne + Sebastian

March 29, 2016
Kaua'i Culture
The cobalt blue ocean that surrounds our Hawaiian Islands is such a site to experience. The beauty in the hues of blue pop and create a feast for the eyes and soul.  The ocean played an important role to Native Hawaiians as it provided resources for physical and spiritual sustenance in their everyday lives.  Its incredible to think that  the Ancient Hawaiians learned to navigate these magnificent waters solely by their deep connection with the natural elements, hundreds of years before the first explorers ever discovered Hawaii. When we're not busy shooting a lovely wedding or tending to our numerous office duties, we always try and make some time to play in the ocean. Whether it be surfing, paddling or just a quick dip, it always refreshes our spirits and soothes our souls. Make sure to explore Kauai and enjoy the water for yourself!  

kauai photographers capture tropical blue summer ocean and sky

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