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Mahalo, Fawne + Sebastian

April 25, 2016
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This week we will be celebrating our 11 year anniversary!! It’s incredible to say, and a little hard to believe, that we started our journey together over a decade ago. Although, the time has flown by it has been a long wonderful journey together, filled with such depth, growth, fun, love and adventure. In planning how to best celebrate our anniversary, we got to thinking about last years anniversary trip and decided to share it with you here on our blog.

Sebastian secretly planned a trip for us to spend a few days in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island. The trip was a complete surprise and he only let me in on the secret a few hours before our plane left Kauai. I was so incredibly excited, I had the biggest smile ear to ear all the way to the Big Island.

Driving into the park we were taken back by the beauty and mystic of our surroundings. Fern tree rain forests and the misty clouds creeping over the mountain letting us know we were in a very special place. Little did we know that our visit happen to coincide with a major geological event. The lava lake that sits inside the Halema’uma’u Crater, located in the park, had reached a record high and you can witness huge plumes of lava bubbling within the crater. Of course, this was incredibly exciting to hear but we knew the best time to view this spectacle was at night. We spent the day exploring the vast park and enjoyed a few incredible hikes. It is amazing to be surrounded by such unique landscapes, from pristine rain forests to harsh barren lava flows. One of our favorite hikes was the Kilauea Iki trail, it was stunning from start to finish.

The hands down greatest highlight of the trip was to witness the erupting lava lake in the craters center. There was an immense buzz around the creater lookout and we had to drive over a mile away just to get a place to park. There were so many locals and tourist alike flocking to see this rare and amazing site. Seeing lava, bubbling and shooting out from the earths core was one of the most amazing experiences and something we will never, ever forget. Not only that but there was a local halau that sung Hawaiian Chants, which together with the bubbling and shooting lava was deeply moving, it gave me goose bumps. We felt like we were transported to the earths beginning and witnessing this creation, it was something so powerful and profound it truly can not be put into words, so we'll just leave it at - it was unforgettable.

Enjoy our photos we captured from our anniversary trip and cheers to celebrating life with the one you love!


Fawne + Sebastian

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