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Mahalo, Fawne + Sebastian

April 11, 2016
About Us

"Happiness is not something you postpone for the future,

it is something you design for the present." 


 One of our major goals and places we are focusing our intention this year is to design the life we want to live, and making sure we take time for ourselves, outside of 'work'. We love what we do so much, that we can happily get so focused and driven that we can not find time for all the things that inspire us (which there are many.) This year, aside from all the amazingly inspirational things we have going on with Sea Light Studios, we are making it an even more of a priority to find balance in our lives and go out and explore our magical island and do all those adventures we dream of.  And to share it with you all! You are letting us into your lives, so we are letting you into ours. We have been dreaming up our year, both creatively and personally, and wanted to share with you a stunning hike we recently did to one of our favorite spots on our lovely little Garden Island. It is about an 8 mile hike roundtrip and something you really want to devote your whole day to, so you can soak up all the goodness along the trail. And we did just that. We planned on our next day off to do this hike. We packed our bags and took off early in the morning for our adventure. We are so happy we did as it truly is so rejuvenating to be out in nature, especially Kauai nature, and something we both just love so much. The stillness that rustles in the jungle as you walk through, the air that flies off the waterfall that fills your lungs with the freshest oxygen, the smell of the damp earth as you walk through the fern covered trees, or how about the light that dances through the jungle. We will have lots more of our Kauai adventures to share with you this year, but for now, enjoy this awesome one to Hanakapiai Falls.tropical jungle on kauai hike to waterfall na pali hike on kauai to hanakapiai beach kauai waterfall hike adventure hanakapiai falls located on kauai down the na pali coast

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