Kaua’i Life

Here, is a truer beauty –
Mountains of extraordinary green
rise through the mists
of remarkable waterfalls.
Rainbows stretch out to something infinite-
an aloha spirit that captivates your soul.
Warm sunshine and salt drenched air,
passing showers water a 1000 gardens.

Here, is something sacred –
a ‘mana’ that holds its people strong.
Soft kisses of the gentle tradewinds – the turquoise blue sea.
Nothing like a moonlight stroll down Hanalei Bay.

Here, is life like no other –
the vibrancy of fish,
the gliding green sea turtles,
friendly faces and Ohana.

Here, powerful roaring waves that arrive in the winter.
Here, endless sunshine in blue skies with puffy white clouds.
Here, time slows and endless stars fill the night sky.

Here, Oh Beautiful Kauai.